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16" 18" 18" 20 N 14" Lace Closure

Posted on 2017-09-19 09:09:00
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How to Take care a Hair Weave OVER NIGHT

Posted on 2016-06-29 14:06:03

Hair weaves, or hair extensions, can give you long, full, silky hair. The weaves can either be glued directly onto your scalp, or they can be "woven" into tiny braids made by your natural hair. However, you might find that your hair extensions can mat easily at night while you are turning in your sleep. The mats can cause large and painful knots in your hair. Also, the tossing and turning of sleep can make the tiny natural hairs stick up. To avoid both of these problems, you can tie up your hair before going to sleep.

Things You'll Need

Light oil sheen spray
Small hair tie
Silk scarf

  • Lightly spray your hair with the oil spray. This will help put some shine and life back into the locks while making sure they don't tangle.

  • Pull your hair back into a small ponytail or bun using a hair tie. This will help keep the hair in place even if you turn in your sleep.

  • Hold open a square silk scarf and fold it into a triangle.

  • Place the edge of the long side of the triangle (where it was folded in half) on top of your head, covering all of your hair.

  • Fold the scarf down, over your ears and behind your head. Crisscross the ends of the triangle behind your head and pull the ends back up to the top of your head.

  • Tie the ends of the scarf into a knot on top of your head. This will hold the scarf in place during the night.


How do I get my extremely curly hair to not dry out and turn into a giant frizz ball?

Posted on 2016-06-19 14:25:21

Curly hair is beautiful, but many times it is accompanied by frizz due to a raised cuticle layer resulting from dehydration. The first step is to identify the type of frizz you are dealing with – i.e.: surface Frizz (on the outside of your hair), halo frizz (on the crown of your head), and in-the-curl frizz (frizz throughout). I personally have all three, but struggle the most with halo frizz.

Here are the steps I take to help combat my frizzy halo.

  1. Avoid product buildup from silicones: Look for products without silicones and other harsh chemicals.
  2. Limit Shampoo to 2 – 3 times a week as to not over-dry. Even then I opt for a mild cleanser or a co-wash.
  3. Second day frizz: In the morning I slightly wet my hair with water or a spray leave-in, and then finger comb a light gel on pieces that need to taming. As more frizz appears during the day I finger curl strands to encourage clumping.

If all else fails, I keep a stack of bobby pins in my purse at all times and opt for a high bun. 

How do I keep my curls frizz free?

Posted on 2016-06-19 14:19:56

The LCO Method works wonders for my frizz on wash day. After co-washing (conditioner washing) my hair per usual, I get out of the shower and apply a leave-in conditioner that will retain moisture on my hair for the remainder of the day (and sometimes, even days after my wash). Then I use a carrier oil like coconut or olive to seal moisture in and allow my cuticles to lay down smoothly. This lasts 2 to 3 days after washing my hair–and whenever I see more frizz, I usually scrunch a curl refresher spray into my hair to get rid of it.

Another technique to remove frizz on your canopy (or the crown of your head) is with the Praying Hands Method. After washing and moisturizing my curly hair, I like to apply a generous amount of gel to my hands and then put each one on either side of my head, working them in a downward motion. This smooths my frizz immediately, and the gel acts as ananti-humectant — meaning it blocks the atmosphere’s moisture from being able to enter your hair shaft, which is the reason we all get frizz in the first place.


How To make a Custom wig with lace closure

Posted on 2016-06-19 14:07:14

Starburst Hair Dye Tutorial

Posted on 2016-06-19 14:05:32

How To: Hide Roots and Fake Fuller Hair in Seconds

Posted on 2016-06-19 13:44:18

-To cover roots, start with a small amount of powder.
-Use your free hand to pull hair taut at the root.
-Dab on visible roots, starting from the scalp and working outward.
-Repeat as necessary until roots disappear and color looks like new.
-When you’re ready to remove, simply shampoo the product out.
-To conceal grown out highlights, apply blonde powder and join it to the existing highlight, almost like soft stripes, then brush through to soften lines.
-If you have a noticeably light scalp or thinner hair, trace brush over your part.
-For tight ponytails, buns, half-up ‘dos, fill in exposed scalp with cover-up for instantly fuller style.

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